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In the diverse state of Karnataka, numerous tribal, indigenous, and forest fringe communities reside, facing various challenges in accessing essential services such as healthcare, education, agriculture, and cultural preservation. Our organization has been a guiding light, reaching out to these communities, embracing them with compassion, and empowering them in every facet of their lives.

SCODWES is dedicated to improving the well-being of tribal, indigenous, and forest fringe communities. We establish healthcare centers, provide essential medicines, and raise awareness about hygiene. Our focus on education includes establishing schools, providing materials, and offering scholarships. To enhance agricultural sustainability, we promote modern techniques, organic farming, and access to improved resources. Preserving cultural heritage is vital, and we organize festivals and workshops to celebrate traditions. Collaboration and advocacy are at the core of our work, as we partner with others to create a network of support and advocate for the rights and welfare of these communities.

Total Beneficiaries
75000 families

Total blocks that we work in

10 Blocks

People trained on NTFP



Solar Home Village


Students receiving educational aids

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megh UX (1)_edited.png
megh UX (1)_edited.png
megh UX (1)_edited.png
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SCODWES has undertaken a detailed field study and prepared DPR for the integrated development of Siddi Tribal Community of Uttara Kannada District

We have also Conducted Research on Kumbri Marathi Integrated Development.
As a result of this research, this has been included in “
Tribes of Karnataka –A Pictorial Encyclopedia” by Govt. of Karnataka which will create an a opportunity to influence over the policy matters.

"Indigenous peoples are not just the first inhabitants of their lands; they are also the guardians of our planet's biodiversity and the custodians of ancient knowledge that can help us build a sustainable future."
- Michelle Bachelet

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