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Ensuring inclusive healthcare services, preventive, promotive and curative services to the rural, urban poor and construction labourers, IEC sessions on a range of health topics-improved preventive and promotive behaviours for maternal and child health, communicable diseases, including vector borne diseases, educate the community on lifestyle changes, health care measures on site.

Our state has 27,028 inhabited and 2,362 almost uninhabited villages with 2,562 PHCs. However, these PHCs belong to the sub-urban areas of the state and are unable to reach the remote villages which include the population who are in need of suitable health care. Through our Mobile Health Clinic, Health camps, PHCs and Health Trainings, we aim to reach all these unprivilaged population providing them with health support.

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17 Districts

48 Mobile Medical Unit

18,00,000 + treated 

3 PHCs

200,000+ treated 

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Rural children



475 Village Health & Sanitation Committees(VHSC)

47 Arogya Raksha Samithi (ARS)

44 CHCs &42 PHCs involved in the training

9767 Members &
480 Asha workers trained

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”
 Mahatma Gandhi

We are always there.

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