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Women &

Child Development.

We are dedicated to empowering and enhancing the well-being of women and children. Through a range of socio-economic initiatives, we strive to uplift the lives of rural and urban poor women. Our programs focus on promoting entrepreneurship, providing livelihood training, and empowering women with leadership skills. By creating inclusive opportunities for children, we aim to eradicate hunger, malnutrition, and poverty, fostering a community of healthy living.

At SCODWES, we focus on promoting Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP) and livelihood training for women, equipping them with the skills to start businesses or gain meaningful employment. Through capacity building and training, we enhance leadership abilities and emphasize financial discipline, empowering women to make positive changes in their lives. We also create inclusive opportunities for children by supporting education, nutrition, and healthcare. Our Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WaSH) initiatives address hygiene and sanitation needs, contributing to the overall well-being of the communities we serve. Together, we strive to uplift women, empower children, and create healthier, thriving communities.

24,623 women
are organized through
2015 + SHGs 

have been resolved under CHILDLINE-1098

543 cases

megh UX (3).png

have been attended under Santwana

262 cases

Awareness program done on Menstrual Health & Hygiene

33,228 beneficiaries

Program on Govt. schemes (Help Desk)

49,091 beneficiaries

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megh UX (3).png


Total beneficiaries covered under asani pad distribution

Rs. 85 Crores micro-credit linkages done to 1,426 SHGs & trained them with various skills under Income Generation and Livelihood Activities since 2006.

Swadhara Greh to provide primary need of shelter, food, clothing and care to the destitute women living in difficult circumstances (who are without any social and economic support)

"The seeds of success in every nation on earth are best planted on women and children."
- Joyce Banda

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