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Mahila Dairy

A success story of a beneficiary benefitted through SCODWES' SHGs.

"I am Leelavati Shetty, a member of Sri Marikamba Association (Sangha), I was interested in starting self employment and kept one cow, gradually I got interested in dairy farming and bought 13 cows and started dairy farming. Continuing like that, I thought I should make a dairy, so I painted the information of those who kept cows around. But even if there is a desire to do dairy farming in some households, it was found that there are no cows in the house and there are problems of financial situation to buy a cow."

In the same context, knowing that the women's associations of the SCODWES organization were prevalent, when she visited a training organized by the organization about the formation of an association, she realized that anything can be achieved if the members of the association are united, formed an association, took a loan from the association Sri Marikamba, and decided to start a dairy by giving cows to those who do not have cows.

"Later, when I visited the Skoda company and showed my interest, the company responded to my ideas and gave permission to form the association.

In the same way, the association was formed and a total loan of Rs. 7,50,000/- was sanctioned to 15 members in the amount of Rs. In the same way, the organization was getting information about buying cows and starting a dairy. With the permission of “KMF” two cans and weight mission was given and boldly ventured with the motivation and cooperation of the organization.

So far we are in good profit. We are also in the first place. Only 7 out of 15 members of the association had bought a cow when they got the loan from A, the remaining members had taken loans for their own financial activities. Initially, the dairy was started with 25 shareholders. Now it has 120 shareholders and collects about 300 liters of milk per day. A profit of 1 lakh will be made after deducting all the expenses incurred every year. 4 to 5 thousand per month for two cow members.

Having a dairy nearby is useful for people around. In every year, the shareholders are given Koda, Can, Calcium pill, Insect pill according to the profit.

Now Animal Husbandry Department, Panchayat, Agriculture Department, Agricultural Science Centers have got the award. They are coming from different taluks of the district for study tour. ‘SCODWES’ introduced our dairy to guests from South Africa.

I would like to express my thanks to SCODWES organization for supporting me and encouraging me to grow up till now, and also for my association members, who were eager to grow in self-employment."

Leelavati Shetty,

SCODWES SHG beneficiary

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